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Azione 3.5.1_01 del PO FESR 2014-2020

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Objectives of the intervention

The project envisaged the expansion of the current accommodation business (holiday homes) through the renovation of the building adjacent to the existing one, as well as the purchase of furnishings and accessories in order to be able to increase the accommodation offer from 4 to 10 apartments.

The project objectives concerned:

  • The expansion of the accommodation capacity of the existing building with an increase in real estate units (apartments) from the current 4 to 10;

  • Innovation of the characteristics of the "traditional" hospitality service, linked to purely experiential activities as well as to Sicilian rites and  popular and culinary traditions; attractive resources, which can be counted among the intangible assets of the regional heritage, worthy of protection and enhancement;

  • Revaluation of the neighborhood where the building is located, characterized by structures in a state of neglect and a still complex social context.

Project activities

The investment program had a duration of 18 months and was carried out within the deadlines set by the public notice.

The time schedule envisaged first of all the realization of the building's recovery with the installation of all the systems, followed by the purchase of the furnishings and equipment provided.

Recovery activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Demolition of stairwells;

  • Dismantling of the existing roof, partial reconstruction of the sloping roof and replacement of the remaining part with a flat roof terrace;

  • Refurbishment of the most compromised floors by arranging suitable tie-rods of the slabs for the structural consolidation of the building;

  • Lowering of the third floor height by 35 cm, in order to guarantee a better structural distribution of the joisted floors along the vertical plane;

  • Refurbishment and rationalization of the rainwater collection and disposal system;

  • Refurbishment of the drinking and sanitary water supply and distribution system;

  • Reconstruction of the electrical system according to the law pursuant to the D.M. 37 of 22th January 2008;

  • Refurbishment of internal and external plasters to be carried out respecting the techniques and use of historical materials. All plasters are therefore lime based;

  • Rationalization of the interior spaces without demolishing the load-bearing walls, but simply by acting at the level of the partitions;

  • Refurbishment of internal and external windows;

  • Refurbishment of floors and coverings;

  • Rationalization and alignment of the openings of the two façades, enlargement of the opening on the ground floor onto piazza SS. 40 Martiri to improve the use of indoor environments;

  • Lowering of the height of part of the first floor by 55 cm, in order to obtain a net internal height of 275 cm and guarantee its habitability.

The investment program included the purchase of furniture: double and / or single beds with fireproof mattresses, sofa beds, wardrobes, living rooms, a TV for each room, kitchen, tables, chairs, furniture and accessories, also providing curtains , lighting fixtures, cookware, plates, tablecloths, cutlery, sheets and bed linen, towels, bath towels and bathrobes.

The purchase of a minibus with 9 seats has also been planned for transfers from/to the airports to the accommodation facility.

Accomplished results

The intervention allowed to achieve the following results:

  • Through the activities of recovery and refurbishment of the building, implemented using the criteria of green building, materials and technologies useful for reducing energy consumption and therefore climate-altering CO2 emissions, it was possible to increase the accommodation capacity of the building, making it possible to satisfy all those reservation requests that could not be fulfilled and that caused overbookings and loss of potential turnover. Today, Ponticello Apartments has 10 apartments and may offer to its customers various solutions and dedicated services according to the needs and types of travel.

  • At the same time, the recovery and re-functionalization activities have produced indirect results in the territorial context. On one hand, the activities have contributed to redevelop the historic center, on the other hand the business idea of combining the hospitality service with the information concerning the monuments, the churches, many of which near the building, is in fact an innovation of the service itself. In this way, Ponticello Apartments is a promoter and enhancer of the historical context in which it insists: tourist attraction, culture, territory and traditions are the company's know-how.

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